Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chapter 1: Lets meet the 1st set of players

My name is Greg. I’m from a rural area of Ohio where Jesus is the Mayor of every town and outsiders are welcomed with open arms, but we keep our eye on you. I miss my little town a lot. Everyone knows each other and in many ways we were all like family. Our area of Ohio is dotted with townships, no municipalities. The largest town in our county has one street running through it. It is literally called ‘Main Street’ and all the businesses shut their doors at sundown. We were truly the Midwest, the Real America, and I consider myself an All American Boy.

We were a farming family. We weren’t poor farmers and no one in our farming town really was poor (except for the people who actually lived on ‘Main Street’). Half of our farm was planted with whatever the Department of Agriculture would pay big bucks for and the other half of the fields were planted with what my dad called designer goods,  which meant the popular vegetable of the day. In 1998 it was Romaine Lettuce. Our farm also had a pear orchard.  We had 12 rows of Bartlett and d’Anjou trees. We were the only farm within 100 miles that had a pear orchard. Most farmers grew apples, so my mom said that the Pear Orchard made us Fancy.

My Mother is a professional home maker. She’s an only child and is in the beginning stages of aging, but is still a very pretty woman, part hippie and part country. There is nothing really special about my mother except for the fact that she is my Mom. She is fashionable in a simple way. While everyone bought their clothes at Wal-Mart, my mom would buy clothes from the LL Bean and J Crew catalogues. She also liked to make dresses and in the spring our house would be filled with my friend’s mothers working on new outfits for the season. My mother had a lot of friends, she was always friendly and knew how to laugh; plus she was crafty and fun, always the first to try something new.

My Dad, on the other hand, was the go to guy for any problem a farmer might have because he was considered ‘Old School.’ He’s kind of dopy, though. My Dad never played any sports as a kid, never dated any girls except my mother, never been to college and never been any place interesting. My grandma said he was a ‘rocket-kid,’ always interested in science and wanted to go into space. As a kid his biggest hero was John Glen and after watching the moon landing he couldn’t sleep for days because he was too excited. My Dad could fix anything mechanical and has a given knowledge for how mechanical things work. If a tractor broke down on another farm, my Dad would always be the first person called to come out and take a look. Sometimes he could diagnose the problem by listening to a guy try to start a tractor over the phone, he was that good. He never charged other Farmers for his help and advice, he believed in the idea of the ‘Farming-Community.’ “We Feed the World,” my Dad would always say. It’s true, too.

I’m the middle child of 4.  The oldest is my sister, Sarah. She’s a child of the 80’s and was born 8 years before my older brother. She loves Kenny Chesney, NASCAR, Harley Davidsons, Knuckle-Head out of work Cowboys and will sleep with any Beau with a nice truck. In contrast to my sister, my older brother, Seth, is the successful one in the family. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Agricultural Development. He is the VP of sales for a large Agra-business in Ohio and by the time you finish this book he will most likely be the CEO. My younger brother was destined to be a Townie. He has lots of friends, but will probably never leave our little area of Ohio and I don’t think he has any ambition to do so either.

There was always something different about me growing up because while my sister, brothers and friends always had something country about them, I always had something ‘City’ about me. During grade school art projects all my friends would draw pictures of horses or rural scenes; I drew pictures of sky scrapers and baseball stadiums. My Mom said that I was always in a hurry as a kid, like city people. I paid attention to my hair and clothes. I also always had some little girl wanting to get close to me. My older brother considered me a naturally born ladies man.

Besides the obsession with the Big City, I was also an adventurous kid. When I was 9 years old I left my parents house one Saturday to see if I could make it to the Perry Forest on my bike.  It was a 20 mile bike ride and I made it. I got grounded by my Dad, but my Mom though it was pretty cool; she liked the fact that her boy was ‘Bold.’ That all changed the following winter when I decided to cross a frozen river and fell through the ice. I got pulled under by the river current, but was able to swim back to the hole I fell through. My parents put me on Lock-Down for a couple years after that.

In my little town the high school is called Northern Local. It’s encompasses half of the county. When you graduate from high school there is only one college that will take you and that is the Ohio State University. My little town actually relates itself to Columbus, Ohio, so when I chat with people and they ask me where I’m from, I always say Columbus, when in fact my little town is 200 miles away. 
My first sexual experience came when I was 13. A buddy I played with my whole childhood showed me how to jerk off. It was the best afternoon I could remember. A few times after that our jerk off sessions got more physical. Then we stopped and my buddy never spoke much after that. I think he was embarrassed. I wanted to do it again and again, on the other hand; and but I’d have to wait 3 more years for my next opportunity.

My freshman year in high-school I landed the first love of my life. It was not love at first sight. Her and I sat next to each other in 1st period English and by the time the semester was over we were considered a couple. She was the same height as me, which at that time 5’8, had long brown hair, long-slender legs and we could laugh about anything. She and I would always get to school at least 15 min before class just so we could hang out.  We lived on opposite sides of the county and at school was the only place we could see each other because neither of us could drive. Her older brother was a senior. When he found out about me and his sister he would intimidate me in the hallways, not in a brutal manner, but it was a little Scary. The girl’s name is Catherine, or Katie, which is what everyone called her.

I never knew I was good-looking until an incident occurred in the lunch room right around Halloween of 1998. On my way back from the Vending machines a random guy, for no apparent reason, bumped my shoulder and called me a ‘Fag.’ I answered back with “Fuck you, you Fuckin Dick.” The guy countered with a barrage of random insults and one of them was ‘Pretty-Boy Homo.’ I had never been called a pretty-boy and I never realized I could be one. Katie’s brother, a gigantic Offensive-Lineman, stepped in and let the guy know that he better Chill or he’d get his teeth knocked in. Katie’s older brother is friends with my older brother who graduated a year ago. When he sees me talking to his sister he puts me in a head lock. It’s a painful way to let me know I have his approval.

That term ‘Pretty-Boy Homo’ bothered me a lot. I did nothing extra special to make sure I looked ‘Pretty.’ I brush my teeth, wear clean clothes, comb my hair and take a shower every day, nothing more.  I was telling Katie’s Brother’s girlfriend about it and she told me that it’s because I am ‘Adorable,’ ‘Sooo Handsome’ and ‘By Far the Cutest Guy in School.’ I couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth or trying to make me feel better.

I did begin to notice that I got treated differently than everyone else. Girls were always willing to talk to me, teachers were always nice to me and people were always inviting me places. There were also a lot of other people that were always mean to me for no reason at all. I was just as plain as all the other kids I went to school with. I wasn’t gifted in any way. I didn’t have great athletic abilities, I had no musical talent, nor did I have any super intellectual powers. I was an ordinary kid. But what separated me from everyone else was my baby face.

Katie and I spent the first part of our freshman year quickly becoming best friends. We were labeled a couple, but we never had a conversation about commitment. Katie and I never officially called ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend; other people did that for us. As far as her and I were concerned we were best friends, but we did do all the things boyfriends and girlfriends do together, like go to the movies, go to the dance together, go to the fair, go to the mall to hang out, go to parties, etc.. Her and I just fit together perfectly. 

The topic of sex came up in the spring of our sophomore year. The way we acted around each other you would have thought we had sex months ago, but our relationship didn’t require having sex like all the other couples at school. It was going to be the first time for both of us because what happened when I was 13 didn’t really count. My parents allowed Katie to sleep over one Saturday night. She had to sleep on the pull-out couch in the living room and I had to stay in my room, but my parents went to bed at 10pm and left us alone to watch TV. Angel and I didn’t want to do it in the house in case we made too much noise and woke my parents. Fortunately I lived on a huge farm, so we grabbed a bunch of old blankets and headed out to a hill on the other side of the storage shed. It was 60 degrees and very humid with a lot of fog. Some people say that their first time went by incredibly fast and for the girl it was painful. Not for us, we did it 4 times that night… yea, 4 Times… and it all took place between 3 hours.

I learned that night what it means when a girl squirts. Katie warned me that she has to masturbate in the bathtub because of squirting. I’ve seen some of my older brother’s pornos, but never saw a girl squirt, so I had no idea what she was talking about. Katie, apparently, is a massive squirter; and every time she was about to cum I’d pull my cock out and she would spray all over the front of my body. I loved it. I loved how warm it felt as my torso got drenched. Our joke from that point on was: “Some people get stuck with a wet-spot, but not us. We have to change the sheets and flip the mattress.”
It’s amazing what information two high schoolers will divulge to each other after you have done the Dirty. Once you love each other and have sex, you totally drop your guard and anything asked will get an honest answer. Of course Katie wanted to know if I’d ever have sex with a guy. I spilled the beans about when I was 13. I told her with who, when it happened, what had happened and that I wanted to do it again.  She thought it was cute, and then she proceeded to tell me about her few experiences with other girls. As it turned out, we were very sexual people and that summer was then most action I ever got in my life.

I made it on to the Cross-Country team my freshman year and by my sophomore year I was on the Baseball Team’s starting line-up.  I had a 3.4 GPA by the end of my sophomore year and I started taking piano lessons. I didn’t have a driver’s license yet, but all my friends could drive, so I hitched rides from them. By the time my Junior year came around something happened that changed my life forever.

That first day of school my junior year was just like any other. Same place, same people; except this year I was a Junior. I was officially cool. I knew the lay of the land, knew all the teachers, had bigger muscles, I was taller and all of the freshmen had to look up at me. The years of school were coming to an end.  Soon I will graduate and be allowed to do whatever I want. It was exciting. I felt like I was entering my good ol’ days.

That year we also had a new addition to the junior class. His name was Alex. He wasn’t a ‘new’ New Kid, some of us already knew him from grade school. In 3rd grade Alex never came back from winter break because his parents got divorced and his mom put him in a private school in Cleveland. I used to sit next to him in 1st grade and in 2nd grade him and I got into a fight over some girl named Cheryl. I lost the fight, but got the girl. Cheryl and I dated for 3 days till I started throwing rocks at her. Apparently girls don’t like having rocks thrown at them.

Alex is also a rich kid; you could tell by his crispy-clean new clothes and the watch he was wearing. His T-shirts were either red or blue and had funny little pictures on them. His shorts were baggy with big pockets on the bottom. He would wear flip-flops. Alex was the complete opposite of what we all were used to. He was also short, about 5 inches shorter than me.

I had Biology for 3rd period. The science classrooms had no desks, just tables, and two people sat per table. I knew everyone in the class, but found myself sitting at a table by myself. In walks Alex. We made instant eye contact. He had the most remarkable face. Alex smiled at me and his teeth were shiny white.

“Dude, you’re Greg right?” Alex asked while walking towards me.

“Yes I am,” I answered. “Aren’t you Alex?”

He sat down and didn’t say anything. He put his backpack on the table and began raffling through it.

“This is you, right?” Alex said as he pulled out our 2nd grade class picture pointing to me.

“Holy Shit I haven’t seen this in forever,” I said while grabbing the photo from him. “Dude, what are you doing back here. I thought you went up north?” Ohio is considered the Mid West, ‘Up-North’ is how we described Northeast Ohio, which was like being in New England.

“Something came up,” Alex answered. He leaned his chair back on its back 2 legs. “Are you cool if I sit here?”

Yes it was, but I didn’t say anything. I acted like I was still looking at the 2nd grade class picture, but really I was looking at Alex’s legs. They were perfectly tan and he has amazing skin.

Katie’s friend, Carla, walks in. Carla is the type that loves the Spice Girls and can recite the movie Clueless word for word. She is a total ‘Girl;’ Her kinda trendy clothes, pink book bag,  makeup, fake blonde hair, almost perfect fake tan, fingernails always painted, friendly voice with a cheery laugh, etc… and she is the best source for gossip in the high school. Where Katie is reserved Carla is outgoing; and they balance each other out. When Katie and Carla turn on their Tom-Boy Mode, that’s when everyone seems to like them the best. Because Carla and Katie are such good friends that makes me one of Carla’s good friends by default, so she took the seat in front of me and instantly began asking me about the guy I was sitting next to.

“Who’s your friend,” Carla asked me.

 “I’m Alex,” Alex interrupted while putting his chair back on all fours. He stuck his hand out to shake hers. “I’m from the city, I like football and have never seen a NASCAR race.”

“How funny,” Carla answered, “I don’t watch NASCAR neither*.”

                  *FYI: In Ohio we do not have southern red-neck accents, but we have adopted country vernaculars into our language. Example: instead of saying ‘either’ we may say ‘neither’ when we mean ‘I don’t either;’ but we won’t say ‘ain’t’ instead of ‘cannot’ or ‘will not,’ that’s beneath us.

Within a few days Alex and I became good friends. Just like my freshman year with Katie, Alex and I would get to class early and joke around. Each of us trying to make the other laugh. Soon we were slinging fun insults at each other and by Friday we had developed our own inside jokes such as ‘bag of pork rinds,’ which is what you could find hanging off the side of fat chicks wearing tight clothes, and ‘fourth down; you gotta’ kick,’ which is what we would say to each other if you had to redo your funny comment.

The following Tuesday we had to form into lab groups. Our teacher asked us to count off by 8 and Alex scooted his chair 8 people away from me to make sure we got partnered up. During our first lab (dissecting an Earth Worm [no, seriously, we had to dissect an Earth Worm]) Alex asked if I wanted to hang out after practice. Cross Country and Football practice ended at the same time, so I said I’d meet him at his car. Alex drove a Jeep Cherokee, which all the richer kids drove in the 90’s.
After practice I usually get a ride home from Katie, but she allowed me to hang out with my new buddy. She always let me hang out with my friends and do ‘guy-stuff.’  Alex and I really didn’t have time to hang out, though, so I just hopped in his Jeep for a ride home.

During that ride home we talked about stuff that wouldn’t be appropriate to bring up in class; and what  Alex really wanted to know was whether or not Katie and I had sex. Her and I had sex plenty of times, but it seemed to be of paramount interest to him. He was going to an all boys private school before he got kicked out for selling weed. He could petition to return to that school his senior year, but for now he was stuck with us public-school folk.

I asked him if he ever had sex and all he said was “It depends on what you mean by Sex.”

“What do you mean?” I answered, “Did you ever stick your cock in some chick’s pussy?”

“No” he said while laughing.

“Then you’re still a virgin,” I said, “that’s cool.”

“I wouldn’t call myself a virgin, though” he said laughing again.

“But you never stuck your cock in a chick,” I answered, “and blow-jobs don’t count.”

“Bro…” he said as he turned his head towards me, “I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this, but…” he took a long insightful pause, “and I can trust you with this stuff, right?”

I nodded and answered “yea.”

“Greg… “Alex paused again and shook his head laughing. “Oh my God… alright, so Dude…” It was taking Alex a while to get this out. It must be important.

“ I like to get fucked by Dudes.” 

What! I my face froze. I was staring at him bug-eyed and my jaw hanging down. I couldn’t believe it. There was a moment of quiet, with music playing lightly and the sound of the wind blowing past the windows. He would look at me every few seconds while smiling and laughing. I went totally mute, and got an almost instant hard on. He broke the silence by saying: “What?”

“Are you serious or are you just fuckin’ with me?” I asked. Alex laughed.

“No dude, I’m serious…” He said with a huge smile on his face, “I like Dudes, that’s like my thing, dude.”

“Wow…,” I said as my face returned to normal and I sat back in my seat. “Huh..” I said looking down at the floor, then out the window. “Oh my God…” I said while continuing to look out the window then towards the dash board. “Wow.”

“Supriseee,” Alex said in a soft voice as he kept driving. I was certainly stunned. I was also excited, I didn’t know whether to tell him right then that I was looking for a dude to fuck around with since I was 13, or keep that to myself and live out my straight life with Katie. But since we were being honest I let it all out.

“Dude, I’ve been looking for some dude to fuck around with since I was like 13.” I said.

“Yes!” Alex exclaimed. “I kinda knew something like that when I first saw you. I felt a zap up my back.”

“I’m not a fuckin’ homo!” I said laughing and Alex answered with “Whatever.”

Then Alex reached down to grab my cock. I flicked his hands away and jolted back.

“Dude, I wanna touch your dick,” Alex said with a huge grin on his face.  “You wanna see my cock too, don’t you?”

“You’re driving.” I said. I totally did want to see his cock, though.

We were on TW86 in the middle of Farmer-ghost-land, no one to be seen for miles, no other cars in sight.  I was shy and a bit nervous. My cock did start to get hard though. Alex took his hands off the wheel and unbuttoned his pants, using his knee to keep the car straight. He pulled his pants down and out flopped his cock. He has a very pretty dick, all clean looking, nice shaft with a proportionate head. The view of his cock flopping out instantly gave my cock some magical jolt and I was getting hard real fast.

“Take your cock out, dude.” Alex told me. I was staring like a deer in headlights. He started jerking his cock. “Dude, take your cock out.”

I started to unbutton my pants, but didn’t unzip them. I couldn’t believe this was happening so fast and I was very shy.

 “This shit is hot dude,” Alex started jacking harder. “I love jacking off when I’m driving.”

Alex pulled over and put the car in park. He unlatched his seat belt and reached over to unzipp my pants. My cock was ‘fat’-hard, not ‘skinny hard. It has meaty-ness to it, but wasn’t hard-as-a-bone. Alex started stroking it while looking at me smiling. “I like cocks,” he said. “Can I suck it?”

I nodded my head. What I really wanted to do was suck his. When Alex leaned over to put his mouth on my cock his V-shaped Abs twisted downward and his amazing round ass became visible. It was magical to watch him slide closer, jeans remaining stationary as more of his lower body slid away from  his clothing. The contrast of his skin, red and blue tighties and jeans was a special sight. His skin was smooth and tan. Not a dark tan, but there was a faint tan line at the lower part of his lower back. He kissed the side of my cock a few times while petting my leg. Then slid his mouth over it, that’s when I became hard as a bone. 

Alex did not bob his head up and down; he just let it rest in his mouth while he jerked his faster. I rubbed my hand down the side of his back muscles, then down his V-shape to his leg, around his ass then back up his body. My hand ventured under his shirt while feeling his abs. When I reached his pecks I let my hand rest there. With my thumb I glazed his nipple and Alex let out a sigh. I did it a few more times; Alex really seemed to like that. 

After a minute or so Alex started with his hand up my leg then around my mid section to my back where he lifted his head off my cock and began to position his body closer to mine. He pulled his shirt off and pulled the recliner on my seat. As my seat went back I went to pull my shirt off too. I wanted to feel my body pressed against his, but before I could Alex laid on top of me and put his lips out to start kissing. I pulled my face to the side to avoid kissing him. I never kissed a guy before. I never thought of kissing a guy before either; and I was in love with Katie. Alex kept coming in closer and I kept trying to avoid it, but he was persistent. Alex pressed his whole body against mine, I felt up his sturdy back muscles and gave in. I turned my face back towards his and let him suck on my lips. That was it. I’m about to cum.

“Dude, I’m about to cum,” I said as I pushed Alex back. Alex lifted himself off me leaned back against the driver side door.

“Fuck yea Dude.”

My legs tightened as I felt my load building up. “Oh my God.” I went to pull my shirt out of the way, but it was too late. A fluffy wad popped out of my cock, followed by a gentle ooze all over my hands. I stopped jerking. “Oh Fuck… Ahhh… hahaha…” I felt good all over.

“Dude, that shit is hot.” Alex said as he leaned back, head out the window, jerking his cock softly. He took his left arm and flexed his muscles, pulling his bicep over his face to suck on. Alex then ejected a load all over his chest. Then another one… and another one. He let out a deep breath with an under toe-ing sound of pleasure and out popped another load… then another one a few seconds later. Him and Katie obviously have something in common: They’re both massive squirters.

Alex relaxed all of his muscles and cum was streaming down the front of his body. We both sat back to just feel good. It was one of those beautiful September days in the mid west; Sunny, blue skies, temperature in the low 60’s / upper 50’, low humidity and the air is clear, everything outside has a crystal sheen to it; and on that day In the middle of Ohio parked in the grass on the side of the road, 20 feet away from an old Maple tree and somewhere between 2 back 40’s of grain, were two guys half naked with their cocks out sitting in a Jeep covered in cum. I didn’t think it at the time, but Alex was now my new best friend. I visit that day in my head regularly.